We Have A Fixture To Meet Your Produce, Meat And Seafood Needs!

We outline and educate customers on the benefits of extensive rolled produce bags. Addressing the environmental aspects and realities of today’s market, the rolled produce bags use far less plastic than low-profile produce bags, as well as many of the traditional roll bags in the market.

Our new side printed roll bags were developed to eliminate static and to open as it comes off the roll, providing both less waste and customer satisfaction without the hassle of trying to open the bag. No static and no sticking. IBS also offers front printed rolled produce bags that allow for our customer messages to be clear and concise. And for production managers who spend time changing rolls on dispensers, our roll bags have more bags per roll which allows for fewer change times.

Environmentally sensitive, low cost and ease of opening makes IBS rolled produce bags a competitive option than choices designed to lock customers in while increasing cost.


  1. Innovative NEW dispenser guarantees one-bag-at-a-time, EVERY TIME, right down to the last bags on the roll.
  2. Compact, narrow footprint integrates easily into your merchandising scheme.
  3. Multiple bag sizes and films match the bag to the produce (standard, organic, greens, corn and yam).
  4. Unique design holds large or small rolls securely, eliminating residual roll waste common with other narrow roll systems
  5. Specially formulated bags are easy to open and easy to load, eliminating shopper frustration.
  6. Custom or stock prints available.
  7. A variety of custom size and colours available.