The Convenient, Cost Effective And Practical Bag Solution

Plastic bags are just a starting point. One of the missions of Cyclepoly in providing our customers with total bagging solutions that take into account your retail format, store design and check stand configuration. Whenever and wherever you need them, we aim to recommend dispensing systems that keep bags within reach and assure the counter is free of clutter; mounting hardware that’s easy to install; and T-shirt bags in a wide range of sizes with easy-open features. Cyclepoly also offers planned replenishment programs – no more worrying about re-orders.

The standard in bagging – from the leader in bagging solutions.


  1. Engineered convenient singlet bag style with integrated tabs
  2. Bag sizes to fit any purchase requirements
  3. Patented easy-open design
  4. Dispensing systems, including racks, trays and compact dispensers for maximizing productivity
  5. Hardware to fit almost any check stand configuration
  6. Custom printing provides branding opportunity
  7. Jumbo T-shirt Bags are also available
  8. Economic price available T-Shirt bag
  9. Biodegradable bag
  10. A variety of custom sizes and colours available


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