Strength Combined With Outstanding Toughness And Optical Qualities

Builders film are manufactured using high quality recycled resins or virgin low density polyethylene which has a very low bio-degradability, making it ideal for use as a damp-proof membrane or vapour barrier, Black plastic sheet rolls of 200Um gauge (0.2mm) for medium impact resistance (IR2) are perfect for use in standard soil conditions, while orange plastic sheet rolls 200Um gauge (0.2mm) are ideal for high impact resistance to comply with the requirements and are tested.

When builders film is used as a vapour barrier and or as a damp-proof membrane, the sheet shall be placed on the sub base so the bottom surface of the concrete slab is entirely under laid by the firm. Joints are to be overlapped by not less than 200mm to ensure continuity, and are continuously taped using 50mm duct tape.

Care is to be taken to ensure any penetrations by pipes or services are sealed to ensure a continuous vapour barrier by tapping with 50mm duct tape or with a minimum 200mm overlap.


Builders Film is a high quality, polythene film that can be used in a variety of ways. Available in a conveniently-sized roll,  it is ideal for use as a plastic tarpaulin, a temporary weather protection during the building process, a moisture barrier under concrete slabs or as a drop sheet.


Economical film construction flooring builders film, in easy-to-handle rolls, is large enough for several projects. Builders film is a staple in the floor protection and surface protection products for the construction industry.


Builders film and sheets have been carefully formulated to produce a durable and impervious surface suitable for all forms of agricultural needs and application. Builders film is available in different specifications to cater to the customer’s requirements.


  1. Concrete slab underlay – damp proof membrane or vapour barrier
  2. Landscaping – pond and dam linings.
  3. Roofing – roof protection sheets.
  4. Wide range of other uses.
  5. Excellent physical and mechanical properties and resistant to oil, salt, acid and alkali.
  6. Waterproof  and impervious.
  7. Ease for storage and distribution
  8. A variety of size and colour of customs available.

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